Booty Builder

Program 1


Building Muscle Mass

Thank you for choosing the Booty Builder Program. Before you head off to the gym, please read the full description of the program below. Thanks again and happy training!

6 weeks (4 sessions a week)

Novice – Some Gym Experience

Gym Required


The Booty Builder program is designed for people who: Have been training in the gym for a few months, have built some confidence in basic movements, want to build muscle specifically in the glutes. Please look at some of our other beginner programs if this does not apply to you.

This program will teach you how to maximise your glute growth in a gym environment whilst building strength and confidence.

The program is designed to last for 6 weeks, when you complete the 6 weeks please move onto 1 of our other programs. Treat this program as a beginner’s program to glute training. More advanced programs will be coming soon!

The program is designed to have 4 workouts a week.

The design is 2 main workouts and 2 accessory workouts. If you cannot do more than 2 workouts a week, then do the first 2 shown, then complete the other two if you have the time and capacity.

Make sure you don’t complete the workouts in a row with no days off, we understand through peoples work schedules this might be a challenge, however, avoid this where possible.



The aim of each workout is to build strength and therefore build muscle, start with a weight you are comfortable with and increase it as the weeks go on. If you feel comfortable to increase the weights at any point, feel free to do that.


Please complete our PAR Q.


No extra equipment needed. However, your own barbell pad and glute loops will be beneficial.


The goal of a warm-up is to prepare you for the upcoming physical task and is comprised of both general and specific components. A general warm-up is any activity that is different than what you will be doing for your workout. For example, doing 5 minutes of easy cardio prior to starting your squats is considered a general warm-up. We recommend any general warm-up providing you are able to start the workout without any trouble.

A specific warm-up is either very similar or the same as the upcoming activity and uses gradually increasing intensity. For example, performing squats first with no weight at all, you do NOT count these warmups as your working sets.