Couch To 5k

Program 1


Run your first 5km

Thank you for choosing the Hypertrophy 1 template. Before you head off to the gym, please read the full program below. Thanks again and happy training!

12 weeks (4 sessions a week)


No Gym Required


This Couch to 5km program is designed for people who meet the following criteria: Have an interest in running there first 5km, have not done any sort of running for the last few years, or have never done any physical exercise before.

The program is designed to last for 12 week’s.

The program also consists of some bodyweight workouts, please do not skip these as we have designed this so your body can cope with completing a 5km run.

The program is designed you to have 4 workouts a week.

Make sure you don’t complete the workouts all in a row with no days off, we understand through peoples work schedules this might be a challenge, however, avoid this at all costs as you will need to recover from your previous workout.



The aim of each workout is to improve cardiovascular fitness over the 12 weeks until you can run the 5km.


Before starting the program make sure you  have no injuries that will make you unable to complete any of the workouts.


Equipment wise all exercises can be done with just bodyweight exercises, if you have weights you can choose to do some of the exercises with those, ie squat ect.


This program has warm-ups added into each workout.